June 14, 2018

Meeting called to order at 6:32 PM by President, Tony Brainerd.

Present: Betsy Kane, Brad Johnston, Dee Chamberlain, Gail Trede, Larry Coffin, Bud Haas, Tony Brainerd, Laura Lornitzo, Angela Conrad-Schlager

Guest: Scott Lee (Bradford resident)

Review of last month’s minutes. Motion made by Larry to accept May minutes with corrections discussed, seconded by Bud. All in favor.

Treasurer’s Report

●  Bud provided a general explanation of the VCF funds and how they work.

●  Just got another $2,000 in a restricted fund to be used for maintenance. We still have over $5K from the same donor from last year. So we now have over $7K to be used for maintenance.

●  $390 courier grant came last month. ($15/week)

●  Todd & Natalie Jesdale have been donating solar to the library, which amounts to about 1/3 of
our power bill. The library has written a thank you note. Larry moved to accept, Brad seconded. All in favor.

Librarian’s Report

●  Gail made a formal request for 4 additional hour per week during the summer.

●  Gail is meeting with Holly and Kathy once a month to go over scheduling. They all agree that we need to hire Markita to cover the desk on occasion. Danielle Tebeaux has started volunteering (is here tonight because Markita couldn’t be here). Tony asked for an estimate for how much we would need Markita. Gail will come up with her best estimate after looking at the calendar.

●  Gail informed board that library will be staffed adequately while she is on vacation.

●  The Katherine Patterson event was well-attended and people were very happy with it.

●  Reminder provided about The Zookeepers upcoming library tour fundraiser.

●  Brief discussion about free lunch during summer.

●  Gail recommended a sign for the library down on Rte 5. It should match the one we already have. Would have to be approved by the select board. Angela will take this on.

●  Job Descriptions:

●  For library assistant: add “submit monthly statistics to state, monitor state directives regarding ILL”

●  Gail reminded the board that this is a living document subject to change.
Bud makes motion to approve the assistant job descriptions as amended; Angela seconded. All in favor. Bud makes motion to approve additional 4 hours/week for Gail; Angela seconded. All in favor.
Angela makes motion to approve librarian’s report; Diane seconded. All in favor.

Committee Reports: Fundraising

●  October 13t​ h​ or 20t​ h​ for Don & Jen at the Colatina. Board agrees October 13t​ h​ is preferable. Larry will inform Monique.

●  Angela wants to have a fundraising committee meeting and get started with annual appeal preparation. She’s thinking early July. She will organize this.

●  Grants: Arts Council grant is submitted. Tax credit grant due July 1s​ t.​ Committee Reports: Technology
Committee Reports: Buildings & Grounds

●  Brad is working on the mezzanine railings with Doug Henson in North Haverhill. Tony impressed upon the board that the preservation trust has to approve our work and recommends a more temporary fix for now.

●  Fire inspection: railing and extension cord in reading room need attention.

●  Bill Walters, electrician, is coming next Monday to fix our outside entrance electrical cable and put an outlet outside.

●  Larry – yellow rose bush is being overgrown by a weed tree. He is afraid if we remove the weed tree we’ll damage the bush. He’ll trim it back.

●  Betsy will trim the knotweed.

Special Mention

● The board notes and recognizes the passing of Lurlene Hurlbert, former director and treasurer for many years, and honors her legacy at Bradford Public Library.

Old Business
New Business
Brad moves to adjourn at 7:51 PM. Dee seconded. All in favor. Next meeting: August 9, 2018 at 6:30 PM

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