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Notable Info:

Tax Preparation and Filing

Tax help with preparation and filing for those who qualify will be available at the Bradford Public Library Thursday 5-7 through February and March. Help will also be available Saturday 2/7, 2/21, 3/7 and 3/21 at 10:30.

Please note:  Vermont will not be sending tax books out this year. There are 3 ways you can access state tax forms:

1. Print online
* Click here to find all VT tax forms
* Click here for the Tax Booklet (cannot fill in online) 52 pages
* Click here for the Income Tax Return (IN-111) 2 pages
* Click here for Renter’s rebate (IN-141) 2 pages
* Click here for Household Income Schedule (HI-144) 2 pages

2. Order forms by email
Send an email to taxforms@state.vt.us and include full name, mailing address, quantity, and form numbers.

3. Order forms by phone
Call (855) 297-5600 and leave a message with your full name, mailing address, quantity, and form numbers.

Federal tax forms currently available in the Library include:
–1040 EZ FORM (no instructions)
–1040 FORM (no instructions)

The Federal forms can be downloaded and printed from your own computer or from library computers (at $.10 per page).

Free File is now available, the IRS has stated that “Everyone is eligible to freefile!”  This online service works for both your federal and state taxes.  Vermont is strongly encouraging taxpayers to use e-file, so give it a try.  It works on library computers,

If you need help preparing your taxes, try the free tax preparation services from AARP or VITA.


Vermont Tax Information IRS - Federal Tax Forms
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The Experience of Drone Pilots, 2/4, 6:30 PM, BPL

The Experience of Drone Pilots
The presentation includes a 20 minute film and information about how the drone program is marketed to perspective recruits, what they are recruiting for in a drone operator in contrast to recruiting for pilots in manned planes, PTSD in drone operators and specific information that one drone pilot (Brandon Bryant) has shared about his experience.

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You Are Not Alone – Author Leah Carey, 1/28, 6 PM, BPL

You Are Not Alone – Author Leah Carey
Stories from the front lines of womanhood.
Wed. 1/28, 6 PM, Bradford Public Library

Almost every woman knows the experience of feeling unsafe, whether it’s on the street, in her office, or even in her home. In the summer of 2014, ten women from around the world came together to tell stories of womanhood – both about harassment and assault, but also about their hopes and vision for a healthier future. This book is their treatise to the world: We are women, and we matter.

This book speaks to both genders. For women, the stories demonstrate that no matter what you’ve experienced, you are not alone. The stories will help men to understand what the women in their lives are experiencing and how they can participate in ending gender violence.  It is a reminder of the importance of  practicing respect in all our encounters.



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