Librarian’s Report 2012-06-14


Joint advertising of the Mentors Project, BCC and BPL was a good investment. We got a lot of positive feedback.

Computer policy are being considered and discussed at the board meeting.

Marjorie Shane died unexpectedly this week.  She was the librarian of both Newbury andGrotonlibraries.  We have offered to help them during their transition.


Reducing Your Carbon Footprint has finished their current session put plan to start back up in the fall.

Haiti Relief Program – George Sykes was a very good program and well attended.

Basic Bicycle Maintenance with Thomas Masterson of Coyote Hill Bikes

Terrific instructor that has donated his time for next year also.

In Times Past Two – Author, Larry Coffin.  Great program with the sale of about 25 books. Thank you Larry Coffin. The library is so lucky to have your continuing support.

Bridging the Digital Divide fundraiser with Wall-Stiles at the Colatina

Thank you Dave Barthel and band. We earned $620 dollars, listened to great music and had a good time.

Memorial Day Book and Plant Sale May 25 and 26.  Looks like we had a great sale with lots of board volunteers working the tables. Thanks to the fundraising committee for organizing this so efficiently and all the other  helpers needed to make this a success. Also thank you to those that helped dig up the plants on the golf course for the sale.

Kindergarten visits the Library – 28 kids visited the library, attended program and got library cards. I heard lots of comments saying how the library is their favorite place and they can’t wait to come back.

Young Adult Book Discussion Series – Between rain storms they played mini-golf and discussed their DCF book.  They have their next book picked out and are ready to go.

Upcoming Programs

Spanish night 6/20,6 p.m. Meet, eat and enjoy… all in Spanish. Try out your new or experienced Spanish language skills.

Cemetery tour 6/27  As part of our VT Reads series, Larry Coffin will lead the  “Historic Cemetery and Museum Tour”. Meet at the Sawyer Chapel in the Upper Plains Cemetery at 6:30.

Elementary art 6/26  Elementary age children will gather at the library to get their hands into some fun art projects.

Summer Reading forms and prizes are ready to go.  Children of all ages are encouraged to read and keep track of their accomplishments.  They receive an ice cream from Bliss’s store on achievement of their goals.

Story hour in Elizabeth Park 6/15. Children meet at Elizabeth Park for this weeks story hour and all round fun.

July 7/5 Bats. Bats, Bats

Former teacher and children’s librarian Jerry Schneider introduces audiences to local and tropical BATS. Understand the vital role of BATS which help control pesky insects, pollinate night blooming flowers and disperse seeds. Learn about BATS in attics,building bat houses, vampire bats migration and hibernation. Participants will make a Bat T Shirt to take home. Shirts will be available for $4 or you may bring your own. This program is Free and open to all ages.

July 7/5 bike rack installation and lunch with Summer Climate Riders

July 6 Young adult reading group.


Bud Haas has applied for a grant for technology development through VCF.  Lots of persistance and determination on Bud’s part to get this grant out.  Thank you for  your efforts. We received some glowing letters of support.

We received 75 books of <em>Bull Run,</em> the VT Humanities Council’s VT Reads book. The library partnered with the Bradford Historical Society, Conn. River School, and the Adult Basic Education on the grant. We have four programs planned over the summer to expand on the book’s civil war theme.  The books have been handed out to most of our partners and announce at the Historical Society meeting.  The rest of the books we will hand out the community.

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