Librarian’s Report 2012-07-12


We inquired as to joining the VOKAL network and they offered us a spot this fall.  This step will entail a lot of prep work and training for the librarians as well as expertise from the board members heading this project. If we decide to proceed with this conversion then clean up of our current database will begin in earnest immediately.

A draft of theBPLComputer Policy and Rules of Conduct were sent our to the board.


Mango/BES program: We had a meeting with 2nd Grade teacher Faith Beaudin, 5th grade teacher Sam Drazin and parent Mickey Bui and talked of successes and plans to bring more faculty on board for next year. The committee is committed to planning a succession of library field trips for classes through the school year and positive further developing BPLibrary and BESchool connections for students.

July 7/5 –  The Hitching Post Bike Station installation and collaboration with the Climate Riders.  A great group of young people, with the direction of Bud Haas and Tony Brainerd, installed the Hitching Post Bike Station out front and to the side of the library.

Story hour in Elizabeth Park was a great outreach. Lots of fun for regulars and a terrific introduction to the library for some new people we met at the park.


In Times Past Two – Author, Larry Coffin is continuing to give programs in the area promoting the sale of his book and raising money for the library. The library’s digital projector is being used to enhance the programs.

BradfordPublic Library  T-shirts and Book Totes are on sale and Susan made a display on the library bulletin board.

Volunteers / Updates

Chelsea Russin is volunteering for a few hours Tuesday-Friday. She is learning fast and is a great help in the library.

Phyllis and Susan are working on a grant database that will be of immense assistance once completed. Once the grant database is completed Phyllis hopefully will go back to volunteering Friday morning to man the front desk, greet the story hour kids and parents and works on getting theVermontsection into the Library World database.

Carolyn Coffin and Sandi Price took on the Herculean task of ridding the bank of Knotweed last week.  No project is too big for these tireless backs when it comes to enhancing the horticultural beauty ofBradford.

Library Clean Up: Reading Room got a good shine by board volunteers, large items went to some form of recycling and we donated the copier that has been sitting in the Reading Room to a non-profit. We also got our donation box attached so we are ready for the big checks.

Tony and Bud are coordinating an insurance inspection due this Friday.

Upcoming Programs

Otha Day Drumming Circle : Saturday, July 28 at 1:00 PM. Games, songs and improvisational music through percussion instruments. The more participants, the better the experience – all ages!

Movie Night/Superman-the Original Adventure – Patrick Peters, our graphic novel consultant, will be showing the original Superman film with some historical background on July 25 at6:30. He has set up a superman display in the Reading Room case for the month of July.

Civil War – Battle of Manassas 8/22,6:30 Larry Coffin will lead us through the highlights and give important details of the battle that set the stage for the American Civil War.

Elementary Art Adventure: connecting kid’s literature with art : next Art Adventure, Fairytales & Castles, will be held on Tuesday, July 31 as part of the children’s summer reading program.

Young Adult Book Discussion Series: participants will be blogging their thoughts about DCF books this month.

June Programs

Latin Celebration: Mango brought Spanish speakers of all levels to the library on June 20th.  This program generated interest developing a conversation group and collaboration with another Spanish language group inHanover.

Cemetery and Museum Tour was rained out and held instead the next night.  This ended up doubling Larry Coffin’s work, as of course a few people showed up both nights.  Weather is beyond even the librarian’s control.

Bats, Bats   Jerry Schneider introduced audiences to local and tropical BATS and made bat T-shirts. Adults and kids gathered downstairs to participate in this program.

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