Librarian’s Report 2012-09-13


BPL is signed up to migrate to the VOKAL network in December 2012.  The VOKAL subcommittee is working on preparing for the changeover.

Circulation Policy needs to wait until after we have acclamated to VOKAL.  However we did workup a signout form for the digital projector.

House keeper Robin Sidler has moved on from service at the library and into area daycare work. We wish Robin the best of luck in her new job! Directors are re evaluating the needs of the library and working on a plan for BPL housekeeping.

BPL is into the reporting period so we will be gathering stats for our state standards report.


Debra attended a VOKAL catalog training session and Technology Unconference in Berlin, VT this week.  We now have access to the website/blog for tools and information.  We also have a test site to begin to get familiar with what VOKAL has to offer on a daily basis.

Dave Barthel skyped into a VOKAL meeting and has been working with our contact to develop a strategy for migrating from Library World to VOKAL.


Gail is working part-time at BES supplementing library services. She is building a bridge between the elementary school and BPL. She already has new people attending story hour from this link. We look forward to developing this outreach link further.

BPL is partnering with the Groton Spanish Language Club.  They hold the Spanish Language gathering this month on Sept. 17 at the Groton Library.

We invited Global Campus to partner with the library and so Global Campus will be meeting here next Tuesday to hold one of their programs.


As part of the grant of $2500 from the Vermont Community Fund to update our technology services for the public we have asked a young student to man a computer lab for the month of October for two hours on Thursday evening from 6-8. Bring in your questions and your computer or device and he will help you figure out what to do or set you up.

The Vermont Humanities Council grant will pay half of our scholars fee for the Seven Deadly Sins books discussion.

We have applied for and will be participating in the Reading is an Investment pilot project along with 28 Vermont Libraries.  This program offers another opportunity for us to strengthening ties between the public library and the school through financial literacy.  Books and program materials have shipped this week and will be used in the library for children’s programs and parenting workshops while supporting a sister program within the elementary  school. This program is offered through the Vermont State Treasurers office and Director of Financial Literacy & Communications.

All the books (Bull Run) from 2012 VT Reads grant have been handed out to the community and cooperative organizations. Those who wish have been asked to pass on their copies to us to give to area school teachers.

Upcoming Programs:

Walk on the Wild Side -Fall Mushroom Gathering

This is the third in the 2012 series, has been very popular and brought in a whole new group to the library. We meet Sept. 15 at 10 AM and walk through the town forest gathering samples of mushroom. Then we meet back at the library for a potluck and mushroom identification session. Mark Rinehimer and Jim Morel lead these walks and do a great job.

Seven Deadly Sins Book Discussion – Vermont Humanities and BPL sponsored book discussion starts Sept. 26 at 6:30. Suzanne Brown will be our scholar and lead the discussion.

Thursday Night Computer Lab – Thursday evenings, 6-8 all of October. Bring questions and devices and get hands-on, face to face help.

BPL Walk-a-thon will be Saturday, September 29, 2012 beginning at 10:00 am at the Bradford Elelmentary School. The walk will be a loop and will end at BES. Please pick up  your sponsor sheets and either sponsor someone or get sponsors yourself.

iPAD Basics Series Class – Is still in development but the dates are set for Wednesdays,Oct. 3 and 17, and Nov. 7.

Global Campus program here at the library.

BPL is hosting the LUV exchange next Monday.

Spanish Language program on Sept. 17, Groton Free Library.

August Programs

Civil War – Battle of Manassas Larry Coffin led a great program and his passion for the subject was inspiring.

Bull Run Discussion – Attendance to the discussion was light but the general feedback on the VT Reads book was very positive.

Spanish Language Program – Emilson Melgar from Antiqua, Guatemala facilitated a Spanish speaking night at the Bradford Public Library which was well attended. We have had lots of continued response to this effort and developed a sister library in Groton which will hold the next Spanish Language program on Sept. 17.

Summer Program Reading series finished up and ice cream certificates to Bliss were given out.