Librarian’s Report 2013-02-14


Punch Card Challenge for Trustees

Punch Card for Book Lovers

Get ready for town meeting. Please attend and support the library.

Top Authors

Childs, Picoult, Jance, Coben and Connelly

Check out numbers – Books 795, DVD 113, Audio CD 65

Programs Report:

1/19 Sarah Stewart Taylor – Expeditioners Lightly attended but good program

Tax assistance with Marcy Carver begins last week in January, Thursdays 4-7 and Saturdays  2/9, 2/23, 3/9, and 4/6 It has been a bit of a rocky start but now seems to be working. There is always someone waiting for assistance.

1/23 Scanning Archival Photos with Bob Raiselis Upper Valley Digital 6:30 PM Good program and we now have two slide scanners available at the library. One scanner is set up to work with the research computer and the other we are putting in a kit to check out.

1/30 iPAD Good program met with enthusiastic interest but lightly attended.

2/6 Maple Sugar in the Soul – Author and Tree Herder Burr Morse Enjoyable program with a taste of maple popcorn. We had a nice full round table for this program. Thank you for attending.

Upcoming Programs:

2/27 iPAD Basics 2 – Face time and Video The Pryer family, avid readers and techies, will guide us through downloading Free ebooks and audio from Overdrive, Kindle, iTunes and more. Also we will learn how to set up and use Face Time and even download videos if we have time.

3/6 Cynthia Huntington – Named a finalist for the National Book Award. Cynthia Huntington is coming to Bradford Public Library Wednesday, March 6th at 6:30. This poetry was meant to be shouted in rage and whispered in the dark. Do not miss this opportunity to hear the words read by the author herself. The following from Cynthia Huntington’s Southern Illinois University Press page

Cynthia Huntington’s Heavenly Bodies is a fearless and exacting exploration of illness, addiction, abuse, and the waning of American idealism.  These poems are unblinking in the face of dark subject matter, and surprising in their capacity for hope, for grace. Huntington’s speakers are as vast and compassionate—as empathetic and multitudinous—as Whitman’s, and they sing of the beauty and seductive brutality of survival in a world perpetually “alight with new dangers.”

Childhood Literacy for Caregivers – Letters of invitation for this workshop has gone out to area daycares.

April: Poetry Month

4/3  Sydney Lea, Poet Laureate of Vermont, on writing and reading your own poetry.

4/17 Poetry Writing Workshop with Jack Gundy


We have applied for the following grants.

ADA site training grant

Winnie Belle Learner for Kits

Special Thanks for the donation of the digital slide scanners.

Volunteers Revisited

Looking for volunteers to direct the following areas. These are responsible, rewarding positions that we have tried to break up into areas that don’t require too much of anyone’s given time. Please consider taking one on or helping us recruit another interested community member.

Book Delivery to 1 or 2 Senior Living facilities monthly. We have from 1 – 5 seniors home bound that need books delivered. Talk to them a bit, get to know what they want to read and email the library their requests. We will get a book bag ready for delivery monthly. You deliver and bring back the previous months books. This requires a small investment of time for a great service.

Book Sale – Organize books as they are donated to the library for annual sale. We are constantly overflowing with books that are donated regularly and do not have a place to store them. The Merchants bank has offered a space in the past to store books for our spring sale. What we really need is an on going three fold approach. Someone to sort the books, set up recycling, reuse or disposal connections and pickup, organize and implement off site storage of books for resale. Seems like a lot but might be great for a small group to take on.

Books Online – Check select books for selling price to earn money from donated books for the library. We have a number of old and possibly rare books and continue to get donations of potential all the time. We need someone to at least do a basic check of prices online (which is very simple) of a few books a week. Then email the results to the library. You have the potential of earning big money for the library with this service.

Technology Programming – We need someone to help plan and set up Technology programs at the library. Basically plan what is needed with the librarian, identify potential solution, and contact person or organization to set up event. Librarian will do the rest. This worked great for the author events. Talk to Kathy Davidow on what type of time might be involved and how rewarding it can be.

Technology Maintenance – monthly updates, scans and regular maintenance. Probably an hour or two monthly. We can set up a time to work with your schedule. Might be something a student can do and get community service credits if you know anyone that might be interested.

Promotion – Meet with, or be in email contact with librarians weekly for distribution of press releases to online calendars, and poster spots throughout town. Librarians will have the press ready and you just need to do the postings to specified spots.

Art/design – Graphic design of posters and/or bulletin boards, or dimensional in-house displays.

Help come up with interesting designs and either implement it or enlist someone who can. This can be lots of fun if your artistic or would like a connection into that world. The library can give you lots of opportunity to stretch your creativity and great exposure.

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