Librarian’s Report


September Librarian’s Report


Mel constructed a Lock Box for all our library keys

Tech Savvy classes will be aimed toward getting videoconferencing up and running for patrons. We have a video link of a current Tech Savvy program posted on our website.

New movie screen has been installed thanks to Mark.  Timing for a movie night is being considered.

Small meeting space has been completed downstairs and we are looking for small space comfortable chairs.

Receipt printer has been added to the front desk checkout system. Patrons will get a physical receipt of the books out to take with them.

Front entrance work slowed down patron access to the library last week. Power washing sent water over the front step and into the closet downstairs so we have been cleaning that out.


New Winnie Belle Connection Kits available for check out:  Jewelry, Chess, Butterflies, Polymer Clay, Origami, Bubbles, and Thomas the Train.


Lighting initial improvement plan has been submitted.


New patron card sheet has been improved to give more concise information about online services and hours.
Professional Development

Gail will be a panelist at the CLiF Conference for Rural Librarians this month talking about Creative Programming Ideas for Small Libraries

Gail and Debra attended training on VOKAL.

LUV September meeting will be on emergency planning


Summer Program review:

The Summer Reading Program has ended with 40 children registered, 28 certificates and ice cream cones awarded (thank You Bliss Deli!) and an estimated 350 books read by or to participants! 298 children and adults attended 19 programs here this summer. The addition of the food service program was utilized with appreciation by many families and program attendees.


Upcoming programs:

9/21 10-1 Cider Making  – Bring your own apples and we’ll have a press ready so you can make your own fresh cider.  Whizbang Cider Press builder will be on hand 10-11 to answer questions on how to build your own cider press.


9/18 6:30 Pride and Prejudice Book Discussion with scholar Suzanne Brown.


1st and 3rd Wednesday 5-8 Tech Savvy. 9/18 focus on Google Services. The Board is encouraged to attend as we will be using Google docs and Google + more as a board.


September is Archeology Month and we have borrowed a VT Archeology Kit from the VT Historical Society for BPL.  We will display items of interest in the showcase in the reading room, incorporate into the children’s story hour 9/13 and check out for the last two weeks to BES library for elementary school programs.


10/5 Worldwide Photo Walk participation is a social event where photographers get together at a specified locale and time to shoot photos and share online to Flickr and Google+. Best pictures are chosen locally and globally. Bud will lead this event.

10/11 New Economy Lunch at the Library featuring Michael Shuman, author of “Local Dollars, Local Sense: How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity.” This lunch talk, through videoconferencing, will be at high noon on October 11 at the Bradford Public Library.

Wednesdays 12-1 TED ED Lunch downstairs in the YA room. Online TED ED will be featured on our large screen TV.


Breast Feeding Support Group meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday 6-7.


2nd Wednesday 6-8  Historical Club


1-3rd Thursdays from 4-6. Mine Craft Tech Club


Last Thursday 6-7 YA Books Discussion Party


Explorer Knits



We have applied for the CLiF Grant for Rural Libraries to help supplement the children’s collection. If awarded we will also receive a special storytelling presentation and book give away for our patron with an additional  25 books donated to the local public school in our community.


ADA accessibility response:

Lighting initial improvement plan

Direction signage – directing to bathrooms, accessible computer, services

Sign offering help with inaccessible areas.

Airconditioning and central dehumidifier running

Signage for in-house and online services.



Winnie Belle Learned Grant

Tracking system set up for check out, promotional efforts, use of Connection Kits,       Community Collaboration and Evaluation.

Riverbend Tech Cadet Program students will pick out books from BPL and read to     students at BES.

Kits will be featured at weekly story hours and at BES and daycares.




August Librarian’s Report


VOKAL training in Queechee will be attended by both Debra and Gail.

Videoconferencing equipment is installed and we are using it for Minecraft and Meditation. The state kick off for this grant funded program will be August 20.

ADA accessibility training was completed with lots of good advice and connections for funding. One of the simple recommendations was for improved lighting. A plan for updated lighting and electrical outlets is being developed.

Little Library book recycling prototype has been installed at the library entrance. This will help keep the donated books going back into the community and ensure an ongoing reuse/recycling program for books. Patrons can now access an assortment of books even when we are closed. This will also give us a space out front to post programs and notices and display our Open Hours. Thank you Mel for building this. We have had just a small book shelf out front with donated books the last few weeks and the donated books are being fully utilized.

We need a pick-up to take some old shelves and pallets to the dump.


BPL’s application has been approved for a grant of $3,500 through the Vermont Community Foundation’s Special and Urgent Needs grant to fix the front steps and missing mortar on the front of the library. Great work Tony on getting this grant for some immediate repairs.

BPL is applying for the 2013 Rural Library Clif grant.

Upcoming programs:

Minecraft Gaming Thursdays is a big hit. BPL vs Fairlee Library match is set forAugust here at BPL.

Sept. 18, 6:30 – Book Discussion /Pride and Prejudice with VT Humanities Council. Pick up your books now.

Tech Savvy Help with Arvid every 1st and 3rd Wednesday. Open help hours bracket a specific focus.

Program report: 

Mushroom Walk and Identification Round Table with Mark Rinehimer and Jim Morel. Once again a good crowd thanks to Mark and Jim.

Groovin’ & Diggin with musician Jay Cook filled the downstairs with music and dance.

Vermont Feeds program will be winding up next week. We have been feeding 20 to 30 meals a week.

Tech Savvy Help on video was great with people receiving help both before and after the program.

 2nd Summer Story Hour in the park was well attended. 

Thank you Angela for doing a great, interesting Friday Story hour with What Bones Can Tell Us 

 Children who reached their summer reading goal were given Bliss ice cream coupons.



May Librarian’s Report


Planning Retreat Information

Colatina set for June 15, 9-2 with lunch at there.

Subjects to discuss: 

Planning our future physical footprint

Services we want to offer

Technology – It’s here let’s use it.

Upcoming Programs:

Tick Check – Are Pets at Risk?
Amy Cook / Newbury Veterinary Clinic
Wednesday May 22, 6:30
Amy Cook, Owner and Veterinarian of the Newbury Veterinary Clinic will give us the skinny on ticks and the dangers of Lyme Disease for pets. Amy will help us understand how ticks affect the health of our pets and what we can do to minimize risks. Come learn about the latest in treatments, prevention and research.

Free breakfast, lunch and snack served at BPL this summer as part of the End Childhood Hunger program. Meals will be prepared at BES and delivered to the BPL.  We will focus programs on literacy and love of library around the eating of good food. We are looking for volunteers to help us cover the children’s room for a couple hours each day.

Jason Chin is scheduled for Saturday, June 29. Jason Chin is a local author/illustrator and he will be talking about growing up in the area and becoming a successful author. He will feature his new children’s book on the Galapagos.

Program Follow-up:

Ipad Basics and ongoing Tech Savvy – Patron has expressed an interest in doing a series of technology programs as part of our Technology grant educational component.

Poetry Month Programs – We had a good series of programs aimed at introducing patrons to Poetry read out loud.  BPL hosted two published poets, Cynthia Huntington and Sydney Lea. We received a grant for 50 books from VTReads titled Poetry 180 and shared them with the community.  Program sharing poems from Poetry 180 and an ongoing poetry group was requested.  We are hoping to meet once a month to share our voices.

“Inoculating for Shiitake Mushroom” workshop was a huge success. 26 patrons showed up to drill, wax and inoculate maple logs with Shiitake spawn.  Next year could be a gourmet delight.

Learning to Knit Bookmarks – . What a great outpouring of collaboration between Simply Neighbors and young adults. We were inundated with knitting needles and yarn.


$1000 – ADA Accessibility Training Grant for onsite evaluation for accessibility.

Teleconferencing Grant – Laptop, 52″ screen and installation, training and $1000 program budget.

$1500 – Winnie Belle Learned Grant for Connection Kits

Free breakfast, lunch and snack served at BPL this summer as part of the End Childhood Hunger program.

Professional Development:

BPL had a good showing at the Town Officer’s Conference. We commanded the library field.

Gail attended the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award program and purchased the latest DCF books. BPL has displays for both the DCF and Green Mt Book Award.

The ADA Training will be holding its program at BPL on July 16, 9-4.  If you would like to be part of this training let me know and I will sign you up. This is our best chance of figuring out how to make BPL accessible.

Technology Brainstorming

A core of board and patrons met in April to plan some technology steps for the library.

It was suggested that we be advocates for a statewide cooperating home card system. – BPL is contributing our efforts from a grassroots direction by partnering with Fairlee for a cooperative Home Card Pilot project.  At the regional librarian’s meeting with State Library representatives we expressed our desire to see a statewide home card and Koha system and offered ourselves as a pilot program in this area.

Tech Committee needs more people so they hope to partner up with more people in the community. A high school student would be welcome on the committee as well.

Tech Maintenance plan was to recycle old computers and move computer C to reading room which has now been done.

Ipads – leave one available in Reading Room for use this summer.  Patron has been studying the iPAD and will come up with programs for the library.