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A Bridge For A Better Tomorrow

February 15th, 1 PM

Join Teresa Hemingway for A Bridge For A Better Tomorrow.   This women’s group will meet monthly (the third Saturday of every month) and will be a place to support, uplift, teach, and grow.

Our Mission / Our Pledge:
1. Is to help women feel better about themselves.
2. Help women gain self-worth and independence.
3. To not judge (be judgement free).
4. To finally have a place to come to, to talk, vent and just be heard.
5. To have women come together in a safe environment.
This support group is for teens starting at the age 16, women and girls who have a voice, who need to be heard, who may feel alone. Your time is now! We will hold monthly groups in Bradford Vermont at the library. These groups will be confidential and for women and young girls only. We want you to be a peace with the idea that what is shared here stays here!This is truly will be a place to vent, be heard, and listened to, as well as to network with others. There are so many women who are going through the same or similar issues or who may just need support. This is and will be a safe place to talk.