Fresh Vegetables

I took a tour of some of our richly stocked fruit and vegetable stands this week while on vacation. Here are a few pictures to get your mouth watering. BPL has lots of current books on cooking with local, seasonal…

Winnie Belle Learned Grant Award

Thursday afternoon Programs for children ages 5 yrs and up

June 24th ,6:00 pm – ‘Weather Forecasting’
Learn about and build a weather vane with Mark Breen
From the Fairbanks Museum!
Children and adults are welcome at this kick off to summer family event!

July 1st, 1:00 – Art Adventures!
Sea Creatures & Glitter Fish
Paint and collage

July 8th, 1:00 – Library Lab!
Water Tension
Hands on Science

July 15, 1:00- Art Adventures!
Sea Turtle Foil Art
Textured medium

July 22nd, 1:00- Library Nature Center!
With John Austin from the Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife
Build a beaver dam!

July 29th, 1:00- Art Adventures!
Sailors Knots!
Macramé friendship bracelets

August 5th, 1:00- Library Nature Center
Creepy Crawly Pond Life!
Hands on Discovery

******Toddler Story Hour- Friday Mornings at 10:00 am******