Puffin Stuff 3/23, 6 PM, Bradford Public Library

Puffins on Machias Seal Island

Puffins on Machias Seal Island

Puffin Stuff with Photographer Ian Clark
March 23, 6:00 PM
Bradford Public Library

Photographer Ian Clark will present a “photographic travelogue” of his recent tour of Machias Seal Island supported by numerous photographs.

With its over-sized, brightly-colored bill, the Atlantic Puffin is among the most comical looking of all bird species. Indeed, it has been nicknamed “clown of the sea.” In the late 19th century over-hunting caused the puffin to disappear from the Gulf of Maine. In the 1970s efforts were started to restore puffins to their ancestral nesting islands. Among the several successful programs was one on Machias Seal Island.

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