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Art Auction, 10/22, 1 PM, UCC


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Community Connectedness to Our Town Forest 10/6, 6:30

Community Connectedness to Our Town Forest
October 6, 6:30
Bradford Public Library
town-forestBeginning in 1994, this presentation traces the history of community efforts to grow, preserve and maintain the Wrights MT/Devil’s Den Town Forest. It will feature various community groups and individuals – school groups, non-profits, businesses, our local national guard unit and caring individuals and neighboring landowners – who have helped in many ways.
From fund-raising events to trail building and maintenance, you’ll see evidence of social capital at its finest. People and groups of all ages in Bradford have put their hearts, hands (and sweat) into making our Town Forest a place for all to enjoy.
Ecological values, Wildlife Values, Educational Values, Recreational Values, and Physical and Mental Health Values of this beautiful landscape are all brought together in this 75 minute presentation.
Discussion, comments and questions are encouraged.

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Poetry Circle first Wednesday 4 PM

Poetry Circle
10/5, 4 PM, Bradford Public Library

Some old friends to explore further and some new ones.
Edna St. Vincent Millay
W.D. Snodgrass
Sylvia Plath
Ted Hughes
John Berryman
Ann Sexton
Robert Lowell
As always bring your ears to listen and your voice to read and any poems that you’d like to share.

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